Youth In Development


Youth remains at the center of DCI’s approach for community development. It considers youth as an essential partner in development and focuses on youth engagement and keep it as a cross-cutting theme. Keeping in view three important roles of youth in society i.e. beneficiary, partner and leader, DCI attempted to bring back the deprived, marginalized, and depressed youth back on track to move ahead in the society with their thought roles. Under USAID funded Citizens’ Voice Program, DCI successfully completed the Mainstreaming Youth in Development and Accountability project that focused on following three pillars:


  • Mobilized, organized, and trained female and male youth from marginalized communities
  • Established youth resource centers in Baluchistan for youth to provide them with knowledge, information, training, and platform to connect with other youth across the country and globally.
  • Established Provincial Youth Assembly and District Youth Assemblies for the first time to provide youth a platform to raise their voices for their rights and their role in local development process.
  • Initiated and facilitated youth-led movement for enactment Youth Policy that never existed.
  • With active engagement of youth, drafted first Youth Policy for the Provincial Government.


  • Developed Provincial Youth Policy: 1st
  • Established Provincial Youth Assembly: 1
  • Established District Youth Assemblies: 4
  • Established Youth Resource Centers: 4
  • Trained youth: 118
  • Engaged youth in peacebuilding and positive social activities: 5,632  


Pakistan: 4 Districts of Baluchistan Province