At A Glance


Development Catalyst International (DCI) formerly known as “Change Thru Empowerment” is an international development company with corporate office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1989, as a Community Based Organization and later become a provincial level organization which rapidly evolved into a national level organization and now offering development services at international level. DCI believes in diversity and forging partnerships to deliver sustainable and context driven solutions to the international challenges, and this believe become certain when we come across by an African proverb, “if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together”.

DCI partners with the community based and civil society organizations, government bodies, private sector, local entities, and international development agencies to improve education, governance, economic conditions and respond to humanitarian crisis. It provides timely and reliable services including capacity development trainings by following international standards and sticks to its core values and principles of respect for diversities, transparency, accountability, dignity and result-oriented approaches and practices at all times.

DCI focus on forming inclusive educational systems, developing sustainable economic growth, promoting free and fair elections, good governance, engaging youth and offering ICT solutions to the community and economic development problems triggered by ineffective governance, and instability in both development and emergency context. Our experts are well-qualified with unique skills set and knowledge and have strong understanding of international best practices.

Our Expertise

DCI offers consulting services for public sector clients (development partners and donors), with a focus on the transition and developing countries. Our approach to development activities is based on the decades of community based work experience coupled with applied research and established best practices which resulted in positive outcomes for the communities. Our leadership is comprised of four partners with diverse technical and geographic experience which further empowered the organizational experience in the fields of education, research, assessment, monitoring & evaluation, electoral reforms, governance, economic growth, youth, humanitarian assistance, ICT for development, financial management and capacity development.

DCI’s approach to ICT solutions is to provide an ecosystem for applying and adopting technology, such as working with private sector and international development agencies to develop educational content, tools, mobile apps and software and training teachers on how to effectively and pedagogically incorporate technology tools. We offer ICT solutions and tools for research studies, rapid assessments, surveys and monitoring and evaluation needs to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, quick analysis, and timely reporting particularly in the education sector both in development and emergency contexts using context driven approach.