Economic Empowerment


Economic empowerment is a key driver of poverty reduction. When DCI came into existence, economic empowerment of marginalized women was the key focus as women in the outskirts of provincial capacity of Baluchistan province were suffering from poverty. The first initiative of DCI under this thematic area was establishing industrial homes for girls and women duly recognized by the Social Welfare Department, Baluchistan, Pakistan. We offer technical support in development focused on empowerment and socio-economic uplift of people and socially responsible businesses around the world. DCIs accomplishments in economic empowerment through decades are summarized below.

“DCI believes in empowering individuals and enabling institutions for progressive growth”


  • Women and girls trained in vocational skills through year-long diploma courses.
  • and built their capacity in setting up start-ups, managing business, marketing skills and accounts management.
  • Organized and trained internally displaced persons (IDPs) in FATA conflict affected areas of Pakistan.
  • Provided vocational kits to IDP families for employability.


  • Trained women on vocational skills: 500 
  • Established entrepreneur groups: 50
  • Trained IDPs in FATA Pakistan: 300
  • Provided Vocation Kits to IDPs: 300


Pakistan: Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces


UNHCR, Technical Education Support Project Khyber Pakhtunkhwa